Police Check for Your Organisation

Police Check for Your Organisation

Importance Of Using An Online Police check NZ

Online Police check NZ has become more important for organisations such as employers, government and non-government firms to be concerned about who they employ or involve in their organisations. Employers and others have attempted to overcome this by requiring more than just a standard resume. As part of this growing trend towards full disclosure before you employ someone Police checks are becoming increasingly in demand by employers.                            

How Police Checks Prevent Hiring Mistakes

Hiring policies in the organisation provides an important framework to ensure that short-listing procedures are achieving suitable outcomes for business and in these discussions with business owners, they are not continually concerned about police checks and hide their heads in the sand and when it comes to the risks then they are facing many problems.

Whether someone is hiring for permanent positions, making use of contractors or giving short-term access to your work site to an outside party you must take steps towards to secure guarding the integrity of your systems and staff well-being. Police checks are an important first step in this process.

The direct cost of theft and fraud to New Zealand companies accounts for billions of dollars each year and the largest contributor to these costs is fraud.  Many crimes are not reported to the police due to the concerns of business owners. The possibility of recovering stolen property or funds is also fairly low, which also decreases the motivation to report offenses against the company and thereby risk-averse publicity.

So a simple and inexpensive police check would expose an applicant’s criminal history normally within 24 hours. So it should be very important to conduct police checks without exception for all candidates. Online police checks are simple and fast to get with an applicant’s approval. They are a cost-effective first step in preventing probably large losses within your organisation.

 Best Solution For Criminal Background Checks

At My Private I Police Checks in New Zealand, there is an easy way available for Police checks. Our online verification system provides secure access to check results company-wide. However, there is also the advantage now of applying online. Here you will receive a copy of your police criminal history or that of an employee that has agreed for you to do the check on their behalf.  Many employers are now demanding this as a mandatory minimum requirement. It is also becoming more popular with the small business employer as well, especially for anyone that previously has had anything stolen from their business or for doing any negative incident at their workplace. To overcome the risks of employing such people more and more employers are requiring job seekers to have a copy of their criminal or police history in with their resume.

  • To the job seeker – show your boss you have nothing to hide and include a copy of your criminal history.
  • To all employers – if you don’t ask a police check from future employee’s maybe it’s time you changed your hiring practices and made it a mandatory requirement.


Ultimately, at My Private I Police Checks, a National Police Check is available. The goal of these checks is mainly for Visa applications for travel abroad, immigration purposes or for employment reasosn. It provides the greatest benefit when you want to know the details about your organisation’s employees. And it is very quickly done here. We provide you a reliable service so that you can get the background information about your employees. By using this kind of checking it will not be difficult for you at the time of picking the right candidate, and you will not have to spend more time on it. Because it takes little time to check the criminal records.

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